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Tom Vialle in feat with Norey FZ and Mehdi YZ, 2 rising stars of the rap in the clip "2 Roues" available on YouTube (channel of Norey FZ) as well as on all the streaming platforms. 

This partnership highlights the compatibility between two worlds that seem diametrically opposed. But if you look hard enough, Rap and sports have always gone hand in hand. Like other great sportsmen like Tony Parker with Booba or Shaquille O'Neal, Tom lent himself to the game of a collaboration with two rising stars of French rap. Without pushing the song, he makes us a beautiful demonstration of his art in the clip of the song "2 Roues" of Norey FZ and Mehdi YZ. Like his many fans and most young people today, Tom loves rap and he assumes it.


So, let's meet on YouTube in the comments? 


Partnership made by Omnibox 




Tom Vialle et Léo Lassudrie

Because pictures are better than long speeches. Be Strong Everyday !

Leo Lassudrie is a former paraplegic. In 2019, following a serious motocross accident, Léo lost all feeling in his legs and according to medical prognoses, he had little chance of regaining the ability to walk. This young athlete's perseverance, tenacity and willpower were not to be counted on. Six months later, he is walking, running and cycling. The doctors can't believe it! They had never seen anything like it! A miraculous reconversion and the symbol of a winning strength and mind. Very sensitive to Leo's story and sharing the same sport and the same values, the connection was immediately established between them. For Tom, supporting Leo in his fight through his brand is to give support and hope to all those who have experienced this type of accident, which is still all too common in motocross.


Partnership realized by Omnibox

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